What types of visas are allowed under the immigration rules, what are those rules and what criteria must be met? Are family visits different from those by tourist or business people? What are the grounds for refusal? Is there a right to appeal? Is switching permissible? What is asylum, and who is refugee? What international and national laws related to asylum? This is the most common questions which people asking themselves when they have to deal with immigration related issues. This is why we focusing solely on immigration and have dedicated team of specialist in Immigration.

We aim to assist, offering possibilities to be legally represented or to provide impartial and reliable information about different types of visas- such as family visits, business visits, medical visits, child visit, student visits and all the other options for visits including ones in special categories. We aim to help you to understand requirements under the each category; we offer advice about grounds for refusal including fraudulent documents, appeal rights and switching. We have years of outstanding practise in representation of people on their asylum claims, helping with refusals and preparing their appeals. We help to raise more specific questions about human rights, which have been extended and/or modified to give the laws that have today.

Most Europeans would make conc...

Most voters around the EU believe their governments should do more to try to accommodate British concerns about its terms of membership, writes Sunder Katwala, so as to make it more likely that Britain would stay in the European Union. Only the French prefer that Britain should leave.

Mounting concern about detenti...

Groups working with detainees have expressed continuing concern about the direction of government policy as news broke over the weekend of third death this year at an immigration removal centre.


Borders and immigration

The government is responsible for securing the UK’s borders. We will deliver an improved migration system that commands public confidence and serves our economic interests. We believe that improving migration processes to reduce abuse and limiting non-EU economic migrancy will better serve Britain’s interests and deliver a fair system.

Statement of changes in Immigr...

This written ministerial statement was laid in the House of Commons by James Brokenshire MP and in the House of Lords by Lord Taylor of Holbeach.

Immigration Bill becomes law

The Immigration Bill received Royal Assent today (14 May) making way for a series of reforms which will ensure our immigration system is fairer to British citizens and legitimate migrants and tougher on those with no right to be here.

Fraud, tricks and scams

What to do if you get an email, telephone call or letter from someone pretending to be the Home Office.

Changes to the immigration rul...

The Home Office places new restrictions on the entrepreneur visa route in response to scams from individuals and organised criminal groups.

UK immigration minister announ...

James Brokenshire, the UK's immigration minister, has announced two improvements to the UK's visa system in China. Mr Brokenshire says that the changes should make it easier for Chinese applicants to apply for and obtain UK visas.

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